What is the average size of the data generated on the mobile recordings?

It depends on the duration of the actual recording.

We are preparing a new setting for adjusting the quality within the project settings. Adjusting the quality can increase/decrease the size of the video.

The video size is determined by the bitrate. Default bitrate for both the iOS and Android SDKs is 80 000 b/s. That should generate data of an approximate size of 0.5 MB per minute. The video quality depends on the resolution used with a certain bitrate setting.

What technologies is your SDK integration compatible with?

Can I adjust the quality of the mobile recordings?

Yes. It is accessible from your project settings. Both the Recording quality and the recording frame rate can be adjusted.  

Account > Project (select project) > Recording quality / Recording frame rate

How does a video get transferred to your servers?

The video upload is done in an asynchronous manner, in the background. The data are uploaded in parts. The session is then made available on the Smartlook Dashboard within 10 minutes.

Does it consume mobile bandwidth from users?

It can be. You have the option in Smartlook to enable data uploads, or simply allow the uploading only over Wi-fi (default setting).

Is it possible to enable the Smartlook recording selectively (e.g. only for Test/Beta Users)?

Yes, it is. The initializing method can be selectively called for a specific group of users. You can achieve this by wrapping the initialization method with the appropriate logic. For example, you could check if the user is a beta/tester user.

The initialization method is what makes the Smartlook run in your application. It’s up to you to define the criteria under which the SDK will initialize.

What integrations do you currently support?

We currently support integration with Crashlytics. Additional integrations, such as Google Analytics, Mixpanel and Slack will be available soon.

Do you have real-time session replay?

Our session replay is near real-time. The data for the session recordings is uploaded to our servers as soon as the user finishes the session.

What data can not be shown in the session recordings?

For privacy reasons, we do not show form inputs and web view content. We do not show web view content because we are unable to determine if the web view container depicts any sensitive data. Thus, we have decided not to capture such content.

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