Adding more websites

Smartlook allows you to track multiple websites all in one account. To add a new project, click on your active project to open the drop-down menu (1), then select the option to “Add project” (2). Free accounts can have three concurrent projects whereas paid accounts have no limitations.

Switching between different websites

You can view the recordings from each website by switching between projects. Click on the drop down menu and select a project.

Inviting users

To invite other users to view your data on Smartlook, go to your project settings and, under the “Users” tab, click the “Invite a user” button.

Send an invitation to anybody that needs access to your Smartlook data. Fill in the email address (1) to which you want to send the invitation, add an optional message in the invitation (2), choose which projects you want to share with the invited user (3), and send the invitation (4).

You can remove invited users from your account anytime under the “Users” tab in your project settings.

You can share a project from a paid account to any user who has a Smartlook account - including Free accounts

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