We try to record all your visitors. However, there are several cases where your visitors might not be recorded:

  • You reached your recordings limit for the current month. For more information about the limits of different Smartlook packages, check our pricing page.

  • You have reached your limit of simultaneous recordings. With Free packages, we record a maximum of 10 simultaneous visitors. For more information about the limits of the different packages, check our pricing page.

  • Your website is in a test environment (a.k.a. localhost), a restricted website, an intranet, or located on a private VPN. The website must be fully accessible from the Internet so visitor recording data can be retrieved on our servers.

  • A visitor uses a browser that isn’t supported. Check our list of supported browsers.

  • A visitor has disabled JavaScript in their browser.

  • A visitor is using a browser plugin to block ads and scripts.

  • A visitor opted out of Smartlook.

  • The visitor session had no activity whatsoever (clicks, mouse moves, text inputs). Also, please note that the Smartlook script only starts recording the session once it detects the first user activity. This way, we ensure that only relevant users get recorded and your data quota is not filled up with useless recordings such as inactive users and web crawlers.

  • A visitor is still browsing your website. Finished recordings will be displayed up to half an hour after the visitor leaves your website. (This is why you might see the visitor in Google Analytics but not in Smartlook.)

NOTE: If a visitor leaves the page and returns within 5 minutes, it will be shown as one session. If the visitor returns after 5 minutes, Smartlook starts a new session.

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