Our WEB SDK is written with privacy-first in mind, therefore we do not record any potentially sensitive data by default. This also means that inputs are not recorded unless you enable it explicitly via record API.

You may notice that inputs/forms in your recordings are not visible, and nothing the visitor types in is recorded.

If you would like to record inputs, please see our record API documentation, you will have to use record with { forms: true }.

<script> smartlook('record', { forms: true });</script>

The forms option covers all interactive form elements such as <input />, <select /> or <textarea />. These elements do not necessarily need to be within <form /> to be recorded. Sensitive inputs such as passwords are never recorded, even if recording forms is enabled. Instead, in recording, we show typing animation to indicate user interaction with that particular field.

If you have more elements you want to mask or not record at all, you can always use our data attributes API.

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