The short answer? No. Smartlook is light enough to be used even by state-of-the-art 3D games. But sure, we know you’d like us to get a little more technical.

Smartlook takes 2 screenshots every second and compiles a video right on the device. We use a built-in encoder, which makes the resulting file significantly smaller, it’s about 0.5 MB per minute, by default.

Processing power required

We’re making sure that Smartlook is light on the processing power. Let’s look at an iPhone as an example. Modern iPhones have 6 cores, and we’re rendering the screenshot on low-powered cores while leaving the 2 main cores completely out of any computations.

You can change the bitrate, which changes the quality and size of a video. Smaller videos mean faster uploads, and they barely drain the battery. That’s why we recommend keeping the quality of your recordings relatively low.

And how about uploads?

In addition to uploading over Wi-Fi, Smartlook also gives you the option to allow uploading over a cellular network. This means that when needed, videos can be uploaded immediately. We’re also working on a feature that will prevent videos from being uploaded while users play games online. This is to make sure that uploads don’t impact players’ latency.

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