Filters and Segments are a way to isolate specific sessions (recordings) in your project. They allow you to be very specific about which details you want to see in the sessions. Below you can see a list of the many Filters in Smartlook. They are organized into different categories to help you find what you need. 

Filters available (36) on all Smartlook accounts:

Combining Filters

After selecting your first filter and clicking save, then just click 'Add next filter'. You can continue to combine as many filters as you need to precision to your search.

Here's a combinations of the following session parameters:

  • At least 2 mins long

  • From Australia or New Zealand

  • Referrer URL from Google or Facebook 

Filters using the 'AND' logic

When you add an additional rule, the filter follows the 'AND' logic . If you want to filter recordings that lasted at least two minutes (DURATION) from visitors located in the UK (COUNTRY) on October 04, 2019 (DATE), your filter should look like this:

The filter above will only retrieve recordings that satisfy all three rules. You can also use multiple rules within a filter category. For example, a filter for users that visit your features (1) and pricing pages (2) — both of them — should look like this:

Filters using the 'OR' logic

Within a category, you can also combine rules using the 'OR' logic (disjunctional). For example, if you want to search for visitors that come from a Google OR a Facebook ad, you can use the following filter:

Segments (saving filters)

This is a real time-saver. After you apply a filter, you can then save it as a segment. This will generate a shortcut that you can use any time without having to set the filter manually whenever you want to see the visitors that fulfill a certain condition you’ve already saved. To learn more about filters and segments, read Lesson 1 of Smartlook School.

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