Heatmaps are a quick and easy way to gauge the effectiveness of the UX design on your website. Here's how you can quickly set up heatmaps, even retroactively using past sessions in your account.

Step by step Setup:

You need to go to the Heatmaps section (1) of the Dashboard and create your first heatmap (2).

Type in the URL of the page from which you want to generate the heatmap (1), set up the heatmap name (2), and then click create heatmap (3).

If you wish to customize your heatmap, click on Advanced settings. Here, you can choose the URL matching type (1), the precision (2), the data source (3), and the data that will populate the heatmap

Searching for heatmaps

After creating heatmaps you can search for a heatmap by its name.

Sharing heatmaps

Click on the “Share” button and enable the sharing of the heatmap.

This will generate a shareable, public link. Anyone with this link can view the shared heatmap.

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