Heatmaps are a quick and easy way to gauge the effectiveness of the UX design on your website.

Create a Heatmap

You’ll need to go to the Heatmaps section (1) of the dashboard and click on "Create heatmap", which will bring up a panel on the side where you can set up the criteria.

Type in the URL of the page from which you want to generate the heatmap, select matching criteria and set up the heatmap name. You can also select Heatmap precision and Use history data. You can find more information about these features in our Heatmaps in Smartlook article.

Notes on heatmaps creation

  • Data in heatmaps is propagated from recordings, so make sure you’ve some in your project, otherwise heatmaps will not generate.

  • The URL of the page for which you would like to create a heatmap needs to be in the same format as you have in the recordings. Pay particular attention to including or excluding www. and whether the URL has a https or http protocol.

  • Heatmaps created from historical data should be generated within a couple of minutes, depending on the amount of data you’ve for that particular page. Heatmaps created from new data, will generate as soon as there are enough new recordings for that particular page.

If you’d like to know more about how to best utilize heatmaps in your visitors’ analysis, then please check out our Smartlook School Lesson #3. Analyze user behavior with heatmaps.

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