You've followed the steps in our How to create Heatmaps? article, but you're still having issues with the result? Below, we mention a couple of the most frequent scenarios that can cause heatmaps not to be generated correctly and what you can do in each of these scenarios.

My heatmap is not generating

Heatmaps created from historical data should be generated within a couple of minutes, depending on the amount of data you've for that particular page.

Also, heatmaps created from new data, will generate as soon as there's enough new recordings for this particular page.

If you added a heatmap that doesn't track any visitors or does not generate at all, we recommend that you verify the following cases:

  • Make sure you have Smartlook installed on your website. If there are no session recordings in your account for that particular URL, the heatmaps cannot be generated.

  • Make sure that the page had indeed being visited by a visitor. If you don't block your own IP address in Smartlook, you can test it by visiting it yourself, and your visit will be included in the visit counter.

  • Make sure you've entered the correct URL of the page when creating the heatmap. The URL of the page for which you would like to create a heatmap needs to be in the same format as you have in the recordings— pay particular attention to including or excluding www. and whether the URL has a https or http protocol.

  • In case you're using Smartlook on more than 1 website under 1 account, then make sure that you've created the heatmap for the correct website.

Heatmap contains an incorrect layout of the web page

The layout of the heatmap is taken from the recordings automatically, and in some cases it may happen that the layout will not be generated correctly on the first attempt. If this occurs, you've the options to reset the render of the heatmap by selecting ''Take a new screenshot'' from the menu in the top right corner. You don't have to worry, there's absolutely no risk of losing any data when taking a new screenshot (except for cases when a specific heatmap has expired.

Please see below for an example of this). However, it can take up to 10 minutes to render the heatmap completely.

NOTE: If any recordings get incorrectly displayed (e.g., issues with CSS), then the heatmap will also be displayed incorrectly. So if there are any styling issues with the recordings, it's very important to address these first.

My Heatmap is tracking visitors, but not all of them

It's possible that Google Analytics or other analytic tools report a greater number of visits than the actual number depicted in your heatmaps. This can happen for several reasons, all of which are addressed in this section.

Heatmap has expired

If you move your cursor over the heatmap's name, heatmap metadata will be displayed, along with the creation data and expiration date. Heatmaps are usually active for roughly 6 months. If you try to take a screenshot of a heatmap after its availability date, it may not generate correctly, and it'd be better to create a new heatmap instead.

Parallax Scrolling

Smartlook doesn't officially support parallax scrolling at the moment. Heatmaps from a web page using parallax scrolling will not be displayed correctly.

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