Step 1: Install the plugin

Open Magento page Smartlook Visitor Screen Recording, select Edition, Version and Add to Cart.

On Checkout page click Place Order, (plugin is for free).

On next page select Install.

You will be redirected to account page with Access Keys. Keep it open as you will need it later.

Login to your Magento Admin and go to System > Web Setup Wizard.

Select Extension Manager.

Insert Access Keys and Submit.

Click button Refresh and click Review and Install.

Search for Smartlook, select it and Install.

Select Start Readiness Check or click Next (will start the check as well).

Once your Magento and hosting settings pass the check click Next.

Magento recommends to Create backup before any plugin installation.

When backup fails for any reason contact your Magento developer.

You can decide to skip the backup, Magento shows warning, but you can continue and click Next.

This is what successful backup looks like.

At this page continue and simply click Install.

You will see installation progress in the console log. It can take several minutes.

Now you should see Success page. Select Back to Setup Tool.

Go back to Admin homepage, select System, find Smartlook and click Settings.

Step 2 Login to Smartlook account

You can Create free account or Connect existing account.

If you do not have project yet, create new, name it and assign.

If you created project in Smartlook Dashboard choose it and assign.

If all is ok you will see this page.

Step 3 Refresh site

Now go to your site homepage and refresh browser.

To see visitors on your website log in to Smartlook.

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