Our integration with Piwik PRO allows you to access your visitor recordings directly from the Piwik PRO Analytics dashboard. Then Smartlook will create a “Recording event” in Piwik PRO Analytics dashboard with a playUrl.

STEP 1 Install Smartlook

You can install Smartlook on your website using the Piwik PRO Tag Manager.

STEP 2 Smartlook account

Log in to Smartlook and go to Account.

STEP 3 Integrations

Go to Integrations tab in your Account setting. If you have several projects in Smartlook, choose the one you want to connect with Piwik PRO. Click the Generate API token button. The integration will then be enabled and Smartlook will be connected with to Piwik PRO.

STEP 4 Piwik PRO Analytics

Congratulations! Your Piwik PRO and Smartlook Integration is now set up. You can test it by accessing your website. If everything is working properly, you should find the playURL of the session recording on your Piwik PRO Analytics dashboard, under the Visitor Log.

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