Our integration with Mixpanel allows you see visitor recording URLs in your event feed and access them directly.

How to install

1. Installing the code

Make sure that you have both Smartlook and Mixpanel scripts installed on your website.

2. Enable the Mixpanel Integration in Smartlook project settings, picking the project for which you wish to connect the two.

3. Add mixpanel.track(...) with the name of the event on your webpage

It is necessary to add the code for Smartlook to report the recording in which the specific event was triggered.

For example: mixpanel.track(SignUp) to track the Sign up events.

Once you enable the integration, Smartlook will start sending the URL of the visitor recordings to your Mixpanel, as a custom property.

From now the event you have set up on Mixpanel will show in your event feed, with a link associated to the specific recording in Smartlook.

You can check it under the tab 'all properties'.

You can then filter events to get all the recordings in which the specific event was triggered.

If you click on each playURL, you are redirected to your Dashboard, where you can watch the visitor’s actions.

Note: For Mixpanel integration through segment.com, you can utilize our Recording API

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