Our integration with Zendesk allows you to play visitor recordings directly from your tickets.

Smartlook integration is great for your support team while troubleshooting customer issues. This gives you precious context about the customers when supporting them and allows you or your support team to easily verify customer’s story when they report a bug or an issue on your website.

Instead of a lengthy conversation with the customer and deciphering what exactly happened you can simply watch a recording. Based on these insights you can immediately forward given issue to your development team so they can fix it.

How to install:

STEP 1 Install the code 

You need to have both Smartlook and Zendesk installed on your website.

STEP 2 Smartlook account settings

Log into Smartlook and go to your Account settings.

STEP 3 Generate an API token 

Click the Generate API token button to get your unique security token. Copy it to your clipboard.

STEP 4 Go to Zendesk App Directory

Go to Smartlook profile in the Zendesk App Directory and click the Install button.

STEP 5 Install the Smartlook app on Zendesk

Select the Zendesk account you want to integrate with Smartlook.

STEP 6 Insert the API token

Insert Smartlook API token you previously copied and select Install.

STEP 7 Identify visitors

Identify your user’s recordings by e-mail using our API.

STEP 8 Watch user recordings in Zendesk

If the e-mail of the user who sent a ticket to your Zendesk is found in Smartlook, the links to the session recordings will be visible on the right side of the Zendesk interface.

Just click on the Apps button and it will show a list of the visitor recordings from Smartlook.

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