You’ve made it to the fourth lesson of the Smartlook School. Congrats! You’re really making good progress. In previous lessons, you learned how to make the best use of Smartlook’s basic features. Now, you’ll learn yet another great lesson and take one more step towards becoming a Smartlook Expert!

We are all too familiar with the classical flow of support for customers that report technical bugs. It usually comes down to the technical team doing some detective work, as they must put all the pieces together to find out what exactly went wrong. Despite being common practice, this process is becoming increasingly obsolete as it requires a substantial amount of time and resources.

A more modern approach is to be able to review what exactly happened that motivated a customer to contact support. Smartlook makes this possible by automatically associating visitor recordings with each ticket created so that when it gets to the stage of resolution, the detective work can be replaced by simply watching the recordings that will be accessible in the system. Not only will this give precise insights, it will also save a significant amount of time and resources, and improving the quality of your support, which will result in happier customers.

In addition to this, you can also connect Smartlook with Google Analytics, thus providing your product and marketing teams with detailed insights into your website’s strengths and weaknesses.
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In this lesson, you have learned to integrate Smartlook with your analytics and ticketing systems:

  • Associate visitor recordings with specific support tickets

  • Improve customer satisfaction by simplifying problem solving

  • Provide your product team with better insights by adding access to visitor recordings on Google Analytics

Now it’s up to you

Stop wasting your time and resources with cumbersome detective work, and start working on meaningful things like fixing bugs on your pages and delivering top-notch support to your customers. Take your use of Smartlook to the next level by integrating it with the other tools you already use.

Are you missing a Smartlook integration for your system? Reach out to us and leave a suggestion! We will be happy to widen our range of integrations!

Want to learn more?

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