There can be several factors that can cause recordings not to retrieve the correct CSS style of your page, like:

  • Your website could be in a localhost environment, an intranet, or within a VPN network. In order to function properly, Smartlook has to be installed on an entirely public website so all the data can be retrieved through a proxy to our servers.

  • The recording is too short (i.e., it ends after one second) and the connection was not established, meaning the CSS style of your page wasn’t retrieved.

  • Your website theme might have elements that are not supported (e.g., Canvas, ShadowDOM, iframes, WebGL or Flash elements). Smartlook only records HTML, CSS, and JavaScript elements.

  • Your website has dynamic CSS. Learn more here.

  • You might have a firewall blocking the Smartlook proxies. Check your web security settings and make sure you have the header access-control-allow-origin:* enabled.

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