Smartlook automatically catches all unhandled JavaScript errors, and there is a predefined event ''Errors'' feature that tracks them for you.

How can I see errors in Smartlook?

You can find more information about errors in 2 places in Smartlook. The first one is the ''Event'' feed in the recordings, as ''Errors'' are defined as an event.

The second one are Smartlook's developer tools, they can be found in the player menu by clicking "DEVTOOLS."

To learn about quick ways to access, filter, and share errors, checkout this short video:

Console logs and Network traffic

For additional data in ''DEVTOOLS'', it's possible to toggle on the recording of console logs and network traffic. This can be particularly useful when assessing latency issues.

Manage Projects > select your project > Toggle ON/OFF

Does your team use Slack?

Sharing Smartlook recordings within your team is simple with our Slack integration which will send errors, links, and notes directly to the public channel of your choice.

Anonymous Error

Occasionally, errors will be detected in Smartlook, but the exact contents of the error will be blocked by your browser. In this case, Smartlook will filter the error and the time it occurred, however is not able to provide further details regarding the error.

Errors anomaly email

You may receive an automated system email detailing that the amount of errors in your account has changed. The anomaly will be determined by comparing changes between the previous day with the 7 previous days. If the difference fits into the .95 confidence percentile (approximately: mean +/- 2* standard deviations) then a warning email will be sent to your address. Below is an example:

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