Setting up an event in Smartlook is a simple process. The main reason for this is that all the events will be automatically tracked in the Smartlook recording sessions. Essentially, you’re just indexing the data which you already have and making it more easy to find and segment for later.

Creating an Event

Start by going to the Events tab and clicking the "Create new event" button in the top left corner of the screen.

You will be presented with the following options to choose from:

Different types of Events

Visited URL Event

A visit to or view of a specific page. The setup is really easy, all you need to do is to paste the URL of the page, and voilà—Smartlook gives you the number of visits for that particular page.

Clicked-on text Event

You can get data on a specific user’s actions that do not generate changes in the URL, such as clicks on some buttons or interactions with upsell windows.

Let’s say you’ve just introduced a new feature—a heart button that users can click to save a product to their favorites list (a bit like saving apartments on Airbnb).

Since clicking this button does not redirect the user to another page, it’s impossible to track the usage of this button via page tracking. You need to be able to track clicks on this button, but how?

You’ve introduced this “Save” button, and you want to track every click across your whole website. Do this by setting up an event for when users click on the element that contains the text “Save.”

If you’ve more buttons on your website with the same text, and you want to track a specific one, there’s another way to set up Clicked-on events via the element’s CSS selector. This would also apply for the Focus on input event. Read more about CSS selectors in Lesson #6 of Smartlook School.

Typed text Event

In addition to tracking clicks and page views, you can also track your users’ text inputs. Of course, sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card details, are automatically blocked, meaning they’re not tracked.

Let’s say you have a search engine on your website that your visitors can use to search for specific products or brands. You can track text entries to find out how many of your visitors search, for instance, Adidas products.

This can give you very helpful insights into your audiences’ interests. Are there any specific search terms that are searched for more frequently? Keep an eye on your audiences’ searches by tracking specific text inputs (typed text).

After saving the event, you’ll see your data straight away!

For more information about events and how to use them within Smartlook, please also take a look at our Events in Smartlook article.

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