It is not currently possible to delete a recording from your account. However, all sessions are automatically deleted from your account and our systems when they have expired. You can extend the duration of recording history on your account in your package settings.

Why can't I delete sessions (recordings)?

The reason for this is Smartlook receives all the data in the dashboard directly from the sessions. This means that Events, Funnels and even Heatmaps are generated using the session recordings in Smartlook which show the direct interaction which the users have with you website.

If sessions are deleted, this will have a direct impact on the accuracy of the data in your account, and subsequently provide inaccurate information. Conversely, this is why it's always possible to create Heatmaps, Events and Funnels from your recordings retroactively. If you have the recordings - All the data you need is there.

What happens when my monthly sessions run out?

When your account runs out of monthly sessions recording will stop on the account. To resume recording immediately, you can upgrade your package to record more visitors monthly. Alternatively, you can wait until the next calendar month (the first day) when the recording counter is reset.

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