Sometimes users may type their emails into your website, but not complete account registration. In cases like this, it's possible to use events to search for specific or partial text.

In this example you'll see how to find all the emails addresses typed into your platform:

How to create a Typed text Event

This can be done from the Events tab by clicking "Add new Event". Emails are made of text so we can use the Typed text options as seen below.

By using the "contains" value and the "@" symbol, Smartlook will filter all the events wherein the @ symbol was typed into your project.

Retroactive events

As always in Smartlook, the event data comes from the recordings. So if you have sessions from many months back can find your event data retroactively.

How can I locate the email of Every user in Smartlook?

Smartlook as the ability to connect your user database to Smartlook using our API. If you would like to connect the two, check out our support page on how to identify visitors.

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