You can send yourself a report or set up a periodic weekly report to be sent to your email address for data taken from the dashboard, recordings data, any event, heatmap, or funnel you choose.

To access this, always look for an envelope icon in the top right corner of the account interface. For example, for a dashboard report, clicking on it will give you an option to send the report to yourself now. You can also pick a day of the week on which you would like to receive it to your email address by enabling this report.


It's possible to export a CSV file from the recordings tab. This is limited to the first 1,000 visitors within a segment, you can apply filters to the recordings before exporting a CSV file.


You can send a copy of a heatmap to you at any time, just click the email icon on the top right of the screen. Because heatmaps don't change on a weekly basis, a weekly report is therefore not available.

Events and Funnels

For events and funnels, reports work very much like a dashboard report mentioned at the beginning of this article. Just click on the envelope icon in the top right corner of the Events (or Funnels) menu and select your weekly preference in the window that pops up, or choose to receive the report right away.

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