What are events?

An event in Smartlook is any interaction on your website. Some examples of events are:

  • URL changes from page to page.

  • Clicks on buttons or anywhere on your website.

  • Typed text on your website.

  • Focus on Input clicks in text fields

Does Smartlook track all events automatically?

Yes. All clicks and interactions are recorded as events.

How can I locate an Event in Smartlook?

You can save events to the Event Manager in a number of ways. You can save them directly from the recordings using the event feed:

Alternatively you can add events directly from the Events Manager.

How many events are in the sessions (recordings)?

You can see the amount of events in the recordings tab (see below).

Alternatively, you can click on the visitor avatar to see the use journey and the total amount of events per session (see below)

Event drop-in

When you filter for an event, you can jump straight to that moment in the sessions. Smartlook will drop you into session exactly 5 seconds before the moment occurred.

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