Event statistics

Here's a quick look at the data you can see:

You can (1) adjust the date rage for the chart according to your needs. You can also see the (2) total number of events triggered or the number of unique users who triggered the event. Finally, you can adjust the horizontal units of the chart to (3) see the daily, weekly, or monthly evolution.

Compare and watch recordings of your events

You can (1) view up to four events in charts. The total number of (2) unique visitors who complete an event is listed under the chart. It is possible to jump to the moment in the moment in the recording where the event occurred by (3) clicking the play button. To add additional events to the chart for comparison, simply (4) click the plus button or alternatively use CTRL/CMD + left click on an event in the action sidebar.

How can I locate an Event in Smartlook?

You can save events to the Event Manager in a number of ways. You can save them directly from the recordings using the event feed:

Alternatively you can add events directly from the Events Manager.

How many events are in the sessions (recordings)?

You can see the amount of events in the recordings tab (see below).

Alternatively, you can click on the visitor avatar to see the use journey and the total amount of events per session (see below)

Watching recordings of the events:

Events and Sessions are interconnected. To make the jump, just select an event and click the play button:

Once you click the “play” button, you are redirected to the recordings view of the dashboard. However, the recordings you see are filtered (see below), so the selection you see contains only recordings in which this specific event occurs.

You can also save the event filter as a segment and easily get a feed of recordings, for example, for your visitors that search for Adidas products.

Event drop-in

When you play a recording, the filtered event will appear on the timeline tagged with a flag. The recording will start playing 5 seconds before the moment the event occurs, so you don’t need to search through the recording — Smartlook will 'drop you into' the recording where the event occurred.

This is a huge time saver when you're looking for a specific moment in a recording. If you discover something worth sharing with a colleague, it only takes a few clicks. See how here.


If you have any further questions about using events, get in contact with our support team at support@smartlook.com

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