Event statistics

Here's a quick look at the data you can see:

After you set up an event, you will see a graph with the number of events throughout time, depending on from when you want data — the last day, week, month, or a specific date range (1). Adjust the graph according to your needs. You can also see the total number of times the specified event was triggered or the number of unique users that triggered the event (2). Even adjust the horizontal units of the graph: see the daily, weekly, or monthly evolution (3).

Compare and watch recordings of your events

You can compare (Ctrl + left click) your events (1) and see graphs of up to four different events together (2). You can even play recordings in which those events happened (3). See the number of times an event occurred, the number of individual users that triggered the event, and the average times the event occurred per user (4).

If you have any further questions about using events, get in contact with our support team at support@smartlook.com

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