Funnel breakdowns allow you to dive deeper into your events to find valuable insights. The breakdown tables provide a numeric breakdown, and they can also be teamed with custom properties so that you can tailor your breakdowns to your specific needs.

Check out this short video to see how:

What does this look like?

Above: A 3-step funnel with a breakdown table beneath it.

To break down a section of a funnel:

After you open a funnel, you can click on any section to break it down.

Choose a parameter:

The breakdown table will then appear below the funnel:

To break down the entire funnel:

Then choose a parameter:

The breakdown table will then appear below the funnel with all the sections of the funnel:

The steps of the funnel will be displayed in the columns, while the rows display the different values of the property (in this case, the “Country”). The conversion rates will also be listed along with links to the specific recordings.

Customization is key: Add your own properties to get personalized insights.

As always, we make Smartlook as customizable as possible. That’s why we’ve made it possible for you to set up and add your own custom properties. In essence, the limitations have been removed, and your team can decide for themselves which properties are valuable for your specific situation.

Why use Funnel breakdowns?

  • Breaking down funnels is another valuable tool to be able to visualize data quantitatively (the metrics) and use the table as a quick method to get to qualitative (the recordings) analysis.

  • Using custom properties, you can customize Smartlook to have the correct data available in order to get answers to the questions you have.

  • Using data from the recordings, you can build funnels retroactively in a matter of seconds. There’s no need to wait to find out the answers.

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