This is the Smartlook recordings player:

The player itself includes many features that provide a broad context for your user behavior and engagement on your mobile app or a game.

Starting in the middle (1) is the main window where a replay of your user’s actions take place. Smartlook player supports multi-touch and handles rotations without problems.

Below the player (2) you’ll find core player functionality you can use to pause, play, speed up or watch in fullscreen. On the left side you can view the hotkeys for quick access to controls.

On the left side pane (3 – 6) you’ll find important details about the session you’re observing:

  • Number 3: Basic user identification details (with location and device info)

  • Number 4: All sessions that user made

  • Number 5: Referrer – from which source the user came and installed the app

  • Number 6: Custom user data you’ve sent to Smartlook from other systems

Here’s a pro tip: Smartlook allows user identification via SDK methods. Meaning that you can send specific user data from your other systems to Smartlook. Read more about identification SDK methods here.

On the top bar (7) you’ll find the Screen which is being recorded and user agent details like device, the operating system and screen resolution.

Directly below the video player (8) is the Events Feed. The events feed presents all the user interactions with the app. By clicking on the icons in this feed, you can define and save events you want to track and get reports on.

How Smartlook captures and tracks events is the topic of the following chapter.

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