A Funnel is a sequence of steps your users take while interacting with your mobile app or game.

Smartlook helps you measure, track and, most importantly, visualize your user’s actions at any step of the funnel.

Want to see only those who dropped off the ideal path? Why your users didn’t complete the purchase? Or how they moved through the purchase process? Smartlook Funnels make it easy.

In Smartlook Funnels are created from user-defined events. Meaning that you can track any sequence of interactions.

Check out how Smartlook Funnels work, here:

To create a new funnel in Smartlook go to the funnels page and click on the Add New Funnel:

Once there, all you have to do is set the sequence of events you want to measure and define a funnel name:

Once you create a funnel in Smartlook, you can use it to see how your users progress through the sequence of steps or why they’re failing to do so.

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