To enable Smartlook for your mobile app or a game, you need a full code access to your mobile app and 10 minutes of your time.

It is that simple.

This installation process comprises two steps:

  1. SDK integration

  2. Smartlook Initialization

The processes depend on the platform your app is built upon.

For Android apps, all you need to do is:

  1. Add the latest dependencies to your app’s `build.gradle`, code sample:


2. And add the following in your project’s build.gradle:

allprojects {
repositories {
maven {
url ""

Please refer to Smartlook SDK Android documentation for details on the code and relevant dependencies.

For iOS apps:

  1. Download the latest Smartlook iOS SDK, linked here

  2. Unzip the file and add Smartlook.framework to your Xcode project.

  3. Import Smartlook SDK in your app’s App Delegate class:For SWIFT: import SmartlookFor OBJC: #import <Smartlook/Smartlook.h>

  4. Run Smartlook by calling either start or initialize in your AppDelegate as described below.

For iOS you can also install Smartlook SDK via CocoaPods as presented here.

As for the Smartlook SDK initialization, all you need to do is fetch the Smartlook SDK project key from the Smartlook dashboard and initialize it as follows:

  • For Android:

Smartlook.setupAndStartRecording(String YOUR_API_KEY)

  • For iOS:

Smartlook.setup(key: "your-app-sdk-key")

[Smartlook setupWithKey:@"your-app-key"];
[Smartlook startRecording];

And that’s it.

Want to test Smartlook SDK First? No problem, Smartlook SDK works even if the app is in a simulator. This allows you to test and verify the installation by building and running a test app.

We’re always working on expanding Smartlook SDK to other platforms and developing new bridges and plugins.

Please visit our documentation pages for more information on how to install, initialize and use Smartlook on various platforms.

If you’re having any troubles with installing and initializing the Smartlook SDK visit the SDK support page for change log details and support options.

Assuming you’ve installed the Smartlook SDK properly, and the data is flowing in, it is time to check out the Smartlook recordings player.

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