In case you'd like to play recordings on a TV in an office or just simply don't want to manually select them to play, you can utilize Smartlook's ''Autoplay'' feature.

''Autoplay'' can be set up in 2 ways. The first one will enable you to play all recordings within a segment, so in that case, you'll need to create or select a segment first. A segment is essentially just a saved filtered view: whatever filter you can set, you can then save it as a segment. The first step is selecting a segment and playing any video within that segment.

By selecting a segment and opening any recording, you can go to ''Segment users'' and turn the ''Autoplay'' feature on.

You can then put Smartlook on full screen, and it'll play recordings from the segment one after another, with a brief pause in between them.

The second option is to just play recordings from a particular user on a loop.

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