Have you found a session that sparked your interest, and you want to jot down your thoughts? Need to provide a short explanation for a teammate with whom you will be sharing the session? Just make a note in the recording!

Creating a note

You can enter the Notes menu from 2 places in the recording UI - (1) the Notes menu on the left-hand side or (2) the Notes button at the bottom of the player.

Both will take you to the Notes menu, where you can start writing them, and after you submit them, they'll appear in the recording as well.

Searching for a note

Once you have created it, the note will be saved, and you can then look it up with the help of our filters. You can either look for the text (or portion of it) of the note or user who submitted it.

For a quick overview, you can also enable showing notes in the recording information in the dashboard, by selecting this from the menu in the top right corner.

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