You can get to the Organization settings from a couple of places within the dashboard, e.g., from the menu on the bottom left-hand side of the dashboard. Please check the video below for more details.


This section includes basic quantitative information about users, projects, blocked IP's, integrations and feature limits, along with an audit log where you can see the actions of your teammates.

TIP: Clicking on Organization settings in the General tab will bring up a menu where you can change the name of your organization.


You can change your Smartlook user's details, reset your password, and view organization and project roles/permissions here.

If you pick a different user than yourself from the list, basic information about them is displayed. If you have Admin/Owner permissions for the organization, you can also change other users’ permissions, delete their account, or even invite new users to your organization. Please check Adding additional websites and users for more information.


Housed in this section are all the project settings, plus you can add or remove projects from here as well. Project settings are different based on whether you have a website or mobile app project, but as for mobile apps, you will find a description of most of the features in this documentation. We’ll now focus on website project settings below.

The top part includes a menu to turn a recording for the project ON/OFF and to disable a recording for mobile devices.

Below you’ll find a section to a recording form input, IP addresses, identify users via API, record on-page email addresses and number values (mainly phone numbers).

NOTE: There are separate settings to enable visitors from within the EU, California, and Brazil. These are the countries where additional laws (GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD respectively) apply when it comes to personal information. This setting is available only in paid packages.

In case you have purchased Devtools along with your subscription, you can enable capturing console logs and network traffic as well.

Below are the project settings with additional details about the project, you’ll find the tracking code and project key here.

TIP: Set a time zone for your project so that the date/time of recordings will be displayed according to the selected time zone. If you do not, the time zone of the logged-in user will be taken into account. So, if you have teammates in various time zones, each of you will see the time of the recordings recalculated in their own time zone.

Last but not least, there is a REST API section and an option to remove the project.

IP blocking

Add IP addresses that will be excluded from being recorded, either for all or just some projects under your organization. Check our How can I disable a recording myself? article for more details.


List of available integrations with some basic information about them and with an option to authorize them.


This tab includes information on our Affiliate program along with your unique referral link—rewards to be paid, and for your affiliate users, too.

Packages/Upgrade package

Do you need more events or monthly sessions? Look no further! You can upgrade your package by purchasing more of the features you have, or get some additional ones. Some features can be added automatically, for some you might need to fill out a form, and we’ll get back to you with a special offer.

If we agree on a custom package, it’ll be available for purchase in this section.


Information about your current package and billing, with billing history and invoices available for download. You can also change your payment method and fill out your billing info, so it’s displayed correctly in the invoice.

Single sign-on

Smartlook uses SAML 2.0 protocol for a single sign-on, and you’ll find all the configuration options and settings in this section. For a comprehensive guide, please see our Single sign-on article.

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