To view your Organization settings, click the Organization button in the dashboard menu.

General organization settings

The organization settings page includes basic information about users, projects, blocked IP addresses, integrations, and feature limits.

User settings

In user settings, you can change your Smartlook user details, reset your password, and view organization and project roles/permissions. To see basic information on any user in your organization, select them in the user list.

Users with Admin or Owner permissions for the organization can invite and delete users in the organization, and change permissions. For more information, see Adding additional websites and users.

Project settings

In the project settings tab, you can add or remove projects if you are an organization admin. Project settings are different for website and mobile app projects. The remainder of this article focuses on website project settings. For more information on mobile projects, see Getting started with mobile.

In the Recording section, you can enable or disable recording and recording on mobile devices.

In the Privacy by design section, you can read more on privacy at Smartlook by clicking the more info icon. You can also enable the Identify API by clicking the edit button in Personal data collection settings. For more information, see Identify visitors in Smartlook.

In the DevTools section, you can enable capturing of console logs and network traffic. For more information, see Smartlook DevTools.

In Project settings, you can find the basic information about the selected project. By clicking the Edit icon beside each line, you can:

Timezones: Set a time zone for your project so that the date/time of recordings are displayed according to the selected time zone. If you do not set a timezone, the time zone of the logged in user is used.

In the Element masking section, you can mask, hide, or unmask elements in your recordings. For more information, see Element masking.

In the REST API section, you can see what API tokens you have in use, and can create more tokens. For more information, see API overview.

In the Remove project section, you can completely delete your project. This deletes all data and recordings. This data is unable to be retrieved.

IP blocking

In the IP blocking tab, you can add IP addresses that you want to exclude from recordings. For more information, see How can I disable a recording myself.


In the Integrations tab, you can see a list of available integrations. Select an integration to learn how to integrate it with your Smartlook account.


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In the Packages tab, you can manage your Smartlook package. Do you need more events or monthly sessions? You can upgrade your package by purchasing more of the features you have, or get additional features. You can add some features automatically. For others, you need to fill out a contact form and we'll get back to you with an offer.

If we agree on a custom package, it’ll be available for purchase in this section.


In the Billing tab, you can see Information about your current package and billing. Billing history and invoices are available for download. You can also change your payment method and enter your billing info.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Smartlook uses SAML 2.0 protocol for SSO. In the Single sign-on tab, you can find all configuration options and settings to set up SSO for your project. For a comprehensive guide, see our Single sign-on.

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