The dashboard is the first place that you'll see when you sign in to your Smartlook account. And as such, not only does Smartlook include basic information about your project(s), but you also have an option to add customizable tiles with data to it. The dashboard will be set for each project in your account separately.

Moreover, you can create multiple customized dashboard, either private or sharable with your team-members.

How to create a new dashboard

To create a new dashboard, simply go to Dashboards and select +New Dashboard. Choose whether you’d like to share it or keep it private, name it, and you’re good to go. Add tiles that you need and start analyzing user behavior with an improved user interface. Even though you can create your own dashboards, the dashboard that is by default shared within your company is still available under the Project overview section.

Your project statistics

This section includes information about project usage, how many heatmaps, events, or funnels you've created for the selected project and also how many sessions you have used up per current calendar month.

Also, in the top right corner of this section, clicking on the envelope icon gives an option to send a dashboard report to yourself, either now or set it to be sent weekly.


You can choose what data is important to you, so the tiles are customizable. Just click on the empty spot with the outline of the tile and add one. In the example below, we've added a tile that displays the ratio between desktop and mobile devices in the last 7 days.

You can choose from the following tiles:

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