Using Make, you can send your event or funnel data from Smartlook to your email or any of the 980+ applications they support.


This integration can be connected to Smartlook via REST API tokens, so it’s necessary for your account to have this feature enabled. REST API is a purchasable add-on for Business packages; you can request to have it added to your account via the form in the "Packages" section within the organization’s settings in your Smartlook account.

Another requirement is for you to have a Make account, which you can create for free on

Creating a new scenario

1. Log in to your Make account and click on "Create a new scenario."

2. Click on the big plus (+) sign and find Smartlook in the list of applications.

3. Select an action, you’d like the integration to perform; either,

  • Get an Event - returns data about a specified event

  • Get a Funnel - returns data about a specified funnel

  • Make an API Call - performs an arbitrary authorized API call

4. Now you have the block created and need to define the connection, for which you’ll need a REST API token. Please see our REST API article on how to generate a token.

5. Define which feature you would like to get data for, and for which conditions.

TIP: If you deselect the option to the map, the event/funnel list will load suggestions from your account instead.

For example, getting data for the event "Visited URL" for the last 7-days period, would look like this:

6. Once you set up a Smartlook block, you can test it by clicking on "Run once." If you’ve defined it correctly, clicking on the magnifying glass (2) will bring up an input/output summary of the feature you’ve selected.

7. Now you can connect the Smartlook block to another application of your choice, just click on "Add another module." You can find the full list of available apps on

8. Once you’ve connected the Smartlook block to the app of your choice, you can set up scheduling, adjust scenario settings, add notes, and much more.

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