By using Zapier, you can very easily send your event and funnel data from Smartlook to 4200+ apps, you use on a daily basis, so you can automate your business end to end.


This integration can be connected to Smartlook via REST API tokens, so it’s necessary for your account to have this feature enabled. REST API is a purchasable add-on for Business packages; you can request to have it added to your account via the form in the "Packages" section within the organization’s settings in your Smartlook account.

Another requirement is for you to have a Zapier account, which can be easily created on

Creating a new Zap

1. Log in to your Zapier account and click on "Create Zap."

2. Click on the "Schedule" and create your first block. Choose how often the event should be triggered. You can also select the trigger on weekends or at which hour of a specific day, the trigger should be activated. Finish this setting with a click on "Test your trigger" and continue with defining the Smartlook action.

3. Select Smartlook in the "App event" and choose if you want to get an "Event" or "Funnel."

4. Sign in to your Smartlook account and insert your REST API token in the pop-up window and then, confirm your Smartlook account.

5. After account selection, you can set which event or funnel should be used and for what time period you want to receive the data for. After this setup, you can test the functionality and continue with the next step by clicking on "Test & Continue."

6. After the setup of all the necessities in Smartlook, you can now set and choose the action of more than 4200 integrations such as Gmail, Google Sheets, Facebook, Discord, Jira, etc.

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