You can add filter on creation of your heatmaps, this way you are able to set some criteria based on which the heatmap will show the data, allowing you to filter out the audience to the specific URL you are creating the heatmap for.

NOTE: Filters have to be set up on creation, and not after the heatmap is completed.

Using filters for the heatmaps it is very simple, and it follows the same idea as per recordings or events.

For example, if you wish to filter out the heatmaps based on the location of the visitors, you can:

  1. Create a new heatmap and click on the ‘add filter’ (even before stating the URL that you wish to get the data of).

  2. It will then appear a menu with all the filters available, and here choose the one you need; in this case ‘country’, for example.

3. Now fill in the URL and other settings as preferred, and click on create heatmap.

And just like this, the heatmap will be created only for the recordings of visitors based in the location you have selected.

Adding more than 1 filter will be shown next to the URL once the heatmap is created with a notification ‘+X more filters’.

You can also double-check what filters were added to the heatmap, clicking on ‘heatmap detail’ from the 3 dots menu, in the top-right corner, or clicking on ‘more details’.

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