Survicate helps you keep track of the reviews that visitors leave on your webpage regarding their experience on your website.

Connecting your Survicate account to Smartlook is simple and requires just a few steps

1. Make sure that you have both Smartlook and Survicate script implemented on your website and connect the two using the default Smartlook integration on Survicate

2. Create a survey on the webpage on which you wish to get feedback about.

3. Choose the target as the page on which you wish the survey to be

Now, when a visitor submits a reply to your survey, you will receive the answer to your Smartlook account connected to a recording.

All answers will be collected automatically under the custom event: ‘Question answered', or you can even look for the recordings which have the answer important to you, filtering out the custom event property. For example, all the recordings in which answer '1' was registered.

For any doubt, you can contact our support.

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