The Smartlook player

The Smartlook player is how you view and interact with user sessions.

  1. Go back — Go back to list of recordings

  2. Session navigation — Use the arrow to view the previous or next session recording

  3. Session replay/DevTools — Switch between session data and DevTools

  4. Display URL — The URL the user is viewing in your project

  5. Copy/Open URL — Copy or open the URL shown in the Display URL bar

  6. User data panel — Basic information about the user

  7. User detail button — View more details about the user

  8. Activities/Session — View the events in the session, or data about the session

  9. Timeline — Session timeline with events

  10. Session player controls — Control how you view your session

User data tab

The user data tab contains details on the user and the currently open session. Basic information included is the user, first session date, how many sessions are attributed to the user, and the total events for the user.

You can get more detailed information on the user and session in the side panel:

  • Click the User detail button to view more information about the user in the session, including other sessions and other statistics.

  • Click the Activities tab to view the list of events in the session. Click an event in the list to skip to that event.

  • Click the Session tab to view detailed information on the current session. Data in the session tab shows the user’s: device, operating system, browser, IP address, and more. You can also view your custom properties.

To get more detailed information about the users in your sessions, such as their email address, you need to implement the Identity API.

Display URL

The display URL shows all of the URLs the user visited during their session. You can skip to a URL in the session by choosing it from the dropdown menu.

Session player controls

You can control your viewing of the session using the session player controls. The functions in the player controls are:

  • Play/pause the session

  • Skip to the next session

  • Go back five seconds

  • Change the session playback speed. Options are: .5x, 1x, 2x, and 4x.

  • Skip inactivity. Enable to view only sections of the session when the user is active

  • Share and note button. Create a note, share the session, and send to Jira or Slack.

  • More options. View session hotkeys, the legend for the player, add the session to the vault, enable or disable AutoPlay, and fullscreen mode.


Smartlook DevTools allow you to view your project’s performance during user visits. The DevTools in the player work just as the DevTools in your internet browser.

For more information, see Smartlook DevTools.

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