Cross-platform projects


Cross-platform projects are available for accounts that purchased a Pro or Enterprise plan. If your account uses the free plan, you can upgrade to one of the paid plans to use cross-platform projects.

Cross-platform projects are targeted towards environments where users use multiple devices. For example, a customer initiates an order on their Android or iOS device in the mobile app, but finish the purchase on their desktop computer using a web browser.


  • Create a combined website and mobile project (cross-platform) in Smartlook
  • Implement the Smartlook SDK for relevant platforms
  • Implement the identify method for both your website and mobile app

Implementation steps

  1. During the signup process, choose Cross-platform project
  2. Implement Smartlook on your website and mobile app


Input the same Project key

Use the same project key for both your website and mobile app so the data is stored in a single project. You can find your project key in your Account settings.

  1. In order for Smartlook to connect a user when they are active on multiple devices, Smartlook relies on the Identify method call that is available in all Smartlook SDK versions. For more information, see Identify visitors in Smartlook and the mobile SDK documentation.

Cross-platform projects allows you to see a perfect representation of your users allowing you to observe their behavior in a single dataset.