Events are any user interaction in your project. A majority of events are tracked automatically. But if you find that certain events in your project are not being tracked, you can create custom events.

You can find events in two areas of the Smartlook app: the Sessions page and the Events page.

Types of events

Smartlook tracks the following events:

Event typeDescription
EventClickClick events occur when users click on an element
EventCustomCustom events occur when users triggers a custom event set up in the project
EventErrorError events occur when an error occurs in the project
EventFocusFocus events occur when users trigger a change in the project, such as a border around a button when the cursor hovers over it
EventRageClickRage click events occur when users repeatedly click or tap a certain area of your project multiple times in a short period of time
EventTextText events occur when users enter text
EventURLURL events occur when users go to different URLs

Events on the Sessions page

On the Sessions page, you can see the amount of events in each session.

Click a user identifier to open the User detail window. User detail shows how many events the user has in all of their sessions.

Filtering events

When you are on the Sessions page, you can add an Events filter. Choose the events you want to filter and view only the sessions that contain those events.

Events in the player

While you are viewing a session, you can see what events occurred and when during the session. For more information, see Smartlook player.