Recording sensitive data

The Smartlook SDKs are developed with Privacy-first in mind. This means that by default, we do not record any potentially sensitive data. However, if you would like to record potentially sensitive data, you can enable recording explicitly using the Record API.

Recording inputs

By default, no inputs or forms are visible in recordings. The Smartlook SDK does not record anything the visitor enters.

To record user inputs, see the Record API documentation. You need to use record with { forms: true }.

<script> smartlook('record', { forms: true });</script>

The forms option covers all interactive form elements such as <input />, <select />, and <textarea />. These elements don't need to be within <form /> to be recorded. Sensitive inputs, like passwords, are never recorded, even if recording forms is enabled.

If you have more elements you want to mask or not record, you can always use the Privacy API.

Recording IP addresses

By default, no IP addresses are recorded. In the metadata of the session, the IP address is marked as Anonymous.

To record IP addresses, see the Record API documentation. You need to use record with the { ips: true } attribute.

<script> smartlook('record', { ips: true });</script>

Recording IP addresses allows us to store user IPs for filtering later. Once you enable the recording of IP addresses, you can't disable it. The latest known IP address remains associated with the user, unless manually you manually delete them.