Smartlook basics

To fully understand how Smartlook works, let's take a look at the various components that make up your Smartlook account.


Your organization acts as the main entity for your account that you set up during the signup process. You can only create one organization with your email address, but you can be added to more organizations by others. Your organization can contain as many projects as your plan allows. Users with the Admin/Owner role can manage all Account settings. For more information on Organization roles, see Roles and permissions.


Projects are where your sessions and data stored in your organization. You can have more than one project in your Smartlook organization. The maximum number of projects is based on which plan you have for your organization. Also, each project in your account has its own unique project key. Be sure to copy the correct project key when adding it to your website or mobile app.

Currently, Smartlook offers three types of projects:

  • Web projects—Projects for users with only a website
  • Mobile projects—Projects for users with only a mobile app
  • Combined projects—Projects for users with both a website and mobile app