Project settings

Project settings

Project settings is where you can view and manage important information and settings related to your project.


In General project settings, you can view and manage basic information about your project, IP address exceptions, and create and manage API tokens.

Project settings

Project settings

The first section of the General settings displays the total amount of each feature your project is using. Hovering over each icon displays more information:

  • Monthly sessions—How many sessions your project recorded, how many sessions all project in the organization recorded, the organization limit, and when the session limit resets
  • Heatmaps—This project usage, all projects in the organization usage, the heatmap organization limit
  • Events—This project usage, all projects in the organization usage, the events organization limit
  • Funnels—This project usage, all projects in the organization usage, the funnels organization limit

In the next section, you can change your Project name, timezone, see your region, and Delete the project.



Set a time zone for your project so that the date/time of recordings are displayed according to the selected time zone. If you do not set a timezone, the time zone of the logged in user is used.

IP exceptions

In IP exceptions, you can viewIP addresses that are excluded from recordings. To manage IP exceptions, click Manage IP exceptions.


In Members, you can view the list of members and their roles in the project.

To manage members in your project, click the Settings icon next to a member, or click Manage members.


In Integrations, you can see a list of available integrations. Select an integration to learn how to integrate it with your Smartlook account.

Managing projects

Switching between projects

If you want to work with a different project in your organization, you can switch between them on the Projects page. You can also move between projects by clicking your project avatar in the app menu.


Projects list

Deleting projects

You can delete a project in the General settings if you have the correct permissions. Deleted projects cannot be retrieved. To delete a project:

  1. Go to the Project settings for the project you want to delete.
  2. In Delete project, click Delete.
  3. Confirm your deletion with Delete project.

You successfully deleted the project from your organization.


Smartlook cannot retrieve deleted projects

Once you delete a project, all data related to that project is deleted. Smartlook cannot retrieve any data from deleted projects.