Roles and permissions

Smartlook offers various roles for the users in your organization and projects. A user with a set role has a set of permissions that are attached to the role. You can manage permissions for your users at any time in Users settings.

Organization roles

Admin/OwnerUsers with the Admin/Owner role have the highest organization permissions. Users with the Admin/Owner role can manage the entire organization. This includes deleting and renaming the organization, managing all projects, and inviting and removing users.
MemberUsers with the Member role can create and edit content in the organization. They cannot edit or delete the organization. They do not have access to user management.
AccountantUsers with the Accountant role can only view the Billing page in the Organization settings.
GuestUsers with the Guest role can view data, but cannot access organization settings.

Project roles

AdminUsers with the Admin role have the highest project permissions. Users with the Admin role can manage the entire organization.
EditorUsers with the Editor role can view, edit, and delete in app content, but cannot manage project settings.
ViewerUsers with the Viewer role can view all project data but cannot edit or delete.
No permissionsThese users have no permissions.

Managing user roles

You can change member roles and permissions at any time. To manage member roles:

  1. In your Organization settings, go to Members.
  2. Select the member to manage their role.
  3. Select the role you want for the user.
Role and permissions

Role and permissions

  1. Choose the role you want for the member and click Save.

You have successfully changed the role.