Dashboards are the first area you see when you sign in to Smartlook. You can find basic information about your projects and you can add tiles with other data from your projects to view at a glance. A dashboard is created for each project in your organization.

You can also create multiple customized dashboards for projects that you can keep private, or shared with members of your team.

Project dashboard


Sections of dashboards

1.Project statisticsOverview of your projects statistics
2.Add tile buttonAdd a tile to the dashboard
3.Edit dashboardEdit the dashboard
4.Reporting buttonEnable periodic reporting, or send a report now
5.More optionsOpen to Refresh data on your dashboard or Duplicate dashboard
6.Activate reporting for this projectActivate reporting for events set up in your project
7.TilesCustomizable data tiles for your project

Project statistics

You can view how you are using the project and related features. You can also view your Session usage across your entire organization and when your session limit resets


You can create tiles to display any information about your project you find most important.

To add a new tile, click the Add tile button in the top right, or click the open tile in the tile section of the dashboard.

Creating a new dashboard

To create a new dashboard for your project:

  1. Click the Add new dashboard button.
  1. Name the dashboard.
  2. Choose whether you want the new dashboard to be Shared or Private.
  3. Click Save.

You can now create your dashboard according to your needs.