Relay proxy

It does sometimes happen that visitors might be missing from your dashboard due to ad blocks in visitors browsers, or restrictive browsers. So we have worked on a solution for that.

Smartlook relay proxy helps redirect the requests from your domain, directly to the hosting server (your own) , bypassing the ability of ad blockers to intercept (and block) the outgoing request.

This requires, however, access to your own server, as a few changes have to be done.

Please contact your developer about it, we will not be able to help you on that specifically. They can find all the information about it, on our GitHub repository and more detailed implementation information on our docs.

NOTE: this is now available only for web-sdk. We are, however, working on a mobile version as well.

You can check the implementation from the developer tools of your browser, under the ‘Network’ tab. If the requests are sent to the domain including your relay proxy, you are good to go!

For example, in this screenshot, you can notice that the request is being sent to the Smartlook relay proxy directly:

The Relay Proxy, is developed as an open source project, if you were to have any issue you can open an issue on GitHub, or contact our support.