Relay proxy

The Smartlook relay proxy relays HTTP requests from your subdomain to Smartlook's recording domains, allow you to bypass potential browser settings or extensions configured to limit data capture. You will have to have access to your server. If you do not have access to your server, contact your developer.

The Relay Proxy is developed as an open source project. If you are experiencing an issues, be sure that you are using the most recent version of the relay proxy. If the issues persist, go to the Smartlook Relay Proxy GitHub to open an issue, or contact our support.

You can also visit the open source Smartlook relay proxy GitHub repository.


Web-based projects supported

The Smartlook relay proxy only supports web-based projects.

Installation and deployment

To install and deploy the Smartlook relay proxy:

  1. Go to Docker Hub to get the Smartlook relay proxy image.
  2. Run the image and configure environment variables to your needs.
    docker run --name="smartlook-relay-proxy" -d \
      # can be also set with "--env-file"
      -e LOGGER_LEVEL=<level> \
      -e MANAGER_HOST=<host> \
      -e WEB_SDK_WRITER_HOST=<host> \
      -e ASSETS_PROXY_HOST=<host> \
      -p <port>:8000 \  # mapping is optional, internally runs on port 8000
  3. Create a subdomain and point it to the container. It is best to use a subdomain of your website's domain.
  4. Deploy the following script. Be sure to replace any URLs with your own URLs. Do not set region.
        window.smartlook ||
          (function (d) {
          var o = (smartlook = function () {
          }), h = d.getElementsByTagName('head')[0];
          var c = d.createElement('script');
          o.api = new Array();
          c.async = true;
          c.crossOrigin = 'anonymous';
          c.type = 'text/javascript';
          c.charset = 'utf-8';
          c.src = 'https://<your-relay-proxy-host>/recorder.js';
        smartlook('init', <project-key>, { host: '<your-relay-proxy-host>' });

You have now installed and deployed the Smartlook relay proxy. You can check if the relay proxy is working correctly by seeing requests sent through your subdomain in the Network tab of your browser DevTools.

Network tab

Environment variables

All variables are optional. The default values are listed in the table:

NameTypeDefault valueDescriptionNotes
LOGGER_LEVELstringinfoOne of:
trace, debug, info, warn, error, fatal, silent
Can be overridden
MANAGER_HOSTstring manager hostOnly edit this value if using a region other than EU, or if instructed by customer support
WEB_SDK_WRITER_HOSTstring web writer hostOnly edit this value if using a region other than EU, or if instructed by customer support
ASSETS_PROXY_HOSTstringhttps://assets-proxy.smartlook.cloudSmartlook assets proxy hostOnly edit this value if using a region other than EU, or if instructed by customer support
PROXY_PORTnumber8000Port where the HTTP server listensCan be overridden

Regional data storage setup

If your Smartlook organization is set up to store data in a region other than the EU, you must set the environment variables based on your location.

Example environment variables if based in the US:



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